Monday, August 25, 2008

Magic of the Gods

Magic of the Gods is different from other games. What you do matters. You can permanently change the game world by what you do in the game. Players can create towns, realms, religions, guilds, armies or any kind of organization. Craftsmen can invent new items and new craft skills. Magic-users can invent new kinds of magic spells. The most powerful magic allows you to create new kinds of magic items, new kinds of creatures and even new playable races.

Another way that Magic of the Gods is different is that instead of creating a finished game and going through the process of alpha testing, beta testing and then a formal game launch, we are letting people play even though the game is not finished.

The in-game explanation for this is that the world has just been created and the gods are still working on it. The "gods" are controlled by real people, both admins and players. They are not just names or non-player characters. The gods really do have the power to change the game world any way they want to. In real life, some of the people playing the part of the gods are the game developers who have the ability to reprogram the game.

But the gods do not all agree on what the world should be like. Players can participate in the ongoing drama by seeking out the gods and asking them to change the world to include the players' own ideas. Players can take sides in struggles between the gods. Players can gain the favor of the gods and obtain powerful magic from them. With enough magic, you can reshape the world yourself. You could even become one of the gods.

Or, you can try to stay out of the way of the gods and have adventures in a world that is always changing.

On the downside, the game isn't finished, the graphics are lame (but programmers are hard at work fixing this), you can't customize your character much (programmers are working on this, too) and there aren't very many players (yet). All these things can be fixed and probably will be fairly soon. We will change or fix things that players ask the gods to change. The more powerful and influential your character becomes, the more the gods will pay attention to you. Or, if you have very good ideas, you may impress the gods and become influential just because of your suggestions on how to improve the game.

We are looking for players who are more interested in what the game can become than what it is now. We are looking for people who will be alpha testers as well as the first players. We have created the most basic beginning of a game that can evolve from the interactions of players, magic and the gods. Come help the game evolve into whatever you want it to be.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Started

You will need to follow these instructions or you probably won't be able to play the game.

1. Check System Requirements

You will need a computer and an internet connection for this to work. Your computer will need to meet the minimum system requirements.

These are the system requirements. Some computers that do not meet these requirements have been able to connect anyway. If your computer doesn't use Windows, it probably won't work. If your computer can play other MMORPG type games, you can probably play this one because the requirements are among the lowest.

P4-1.3ghz, 512 MB RAM, sound card, GeForce 5500 / Radeon 9800 or higher (128MB video RAM), internet or Lan connection.
Windows 2000 / XP and DirectX 9.0c or above.

2. Download the Game Software.

The free software you need to copy onto your computer to run Magic of the Gods for the next session is available now at the download link on the right hand side of the main web page at [url][/url]

Click that link and it will take you to the place on the fileplanet website where the file is hosted. The name of the file is "" for version 01.52 or some higher number if it's a later version.

Look for a red bar that says "Download this file now!" and click it. Another screen will come up that makes it look like you have to subscribe to file planet to download the file, but you don't. Look for the blue links in the middle of the screen that say "Free Public Servers" and click one of those to download the file for free.

At that point it may start downloading or it may tell you that you are waiting in the queue and the download will start soon. Or it may give you an irrelevant error message that says, "Unable to install the FilePlanet Download Control!" If it does, just click on the link below that that says, "Click here to continue to the public queue!"

At that point, it should start the download process and your computer may ask you whether you want to open the file or save it to disk. Choose save it to disk.

The download will take around 3 to 5 minutes once it actually starts. File planet might have you wait before the download starts if others are in line ahead of you. If too many people are in line, File planet may give you this error message: "FilePlanet Download System Unable to add to line. This server is currently full or not accepting new connections at this time."

At this point you can go back and start the process again and when you get to the Free Public Server links, click on a different one (assuming you were given more than one choice.) If that still doesn't work, you can try again later or go back to [url][/url] and see if we have posted an alternate download link right below the main download link. This may take much longer to download, but it does not involve file planet and goes directly to a page where there is a download link. It's near the bottom of a page full of ads, so you may have to scroll down. Also, the link may not appear for a few moments.

You do not need to subscribe or register or pay any money to download our software. Please post on our forums to tell us if you had any problems at all. A link to the forums is on our website.

I hope you know where downloaded files go on your computer, because you need to go find the file next. For many computers using windows, the default download is to the desktop, but your computer may be set up differently, especially if it doesn't use windows.

3. Unzip the Game Software.

The software is zipped. That means a compression system has been used to reduce its size and make it faster to download. It also is what makes it one file instead of many files. The software cannot run while it is zipped. If you already have Winzip or some other software for zipping and unzipping files, you should be able to right click on the icon for the file and one of the options that comes up will be to unzip it. Select that option.

If you don't have software to unzip it and don't want to bother with it, come back later. We are planning to modify the program soon so that it will unzip itself. If you want to play now, you will need to find and install Winzip or some similar program. Sorry, we don't have a link to where you can go for that, but programs like that are free and easy to find and they don't take up much hard drive space.

4. See if the Game Server is Online

You can only play the game when the game server is online. It is not online 24/7. Instead we hold scheduled game sessions that are announced in advance. Look at the main website at the top right of the first screen. It should indicate whether the game server is online or offline and below that will be a schedule of game sessions.

If you don't live in the same time zone as Los Angeles (US Pacific Time), then make sure and check the time in your time zone.

Or you can skip to the next step, double click the icon for the game software and click "Start Game" at the top of the first screen. The next thing it will do is check for a connection to the game server. At the bottom of the screen it will say "connecting to game server." This means it's trying. If it says, "connected", that means the game server is online, you have connected to it and you can play. If it says, "Invalid Host Name" and gives a string of numbers, that probably means that the server is not online. Check the schedule to see when it will be online. If you get that message when the server is supposed to be online, try again a few seconds or minutes later. If that doesn't work, make sure your internet connection is working. If that's not the problem, go to the forums (there's a link on the website).

5. Start the Game Software

After downloading and unzipping the software, the unzip process should have created a folder or subdirectory called "MotG 01.52 Game". (The number 01.52 will be different for later versions.) In this folder or subdirectory should be a program file which is called "Game". (On some computers it may show up as "Game.exe".) Run this program to begin the game. On most computers you can run the program by clicking or double clicking on the file icon for this file.

6. Create an Account

(a) When you start the game software, a menu should appear on your screen. Click on the option on this menu that says, "Start Game". It will be at the top of the menu.

(b) An update screen should appear. You do not need to do anything at this point, but wait. It may just flash by, or it may remain on the screen for a few moments. If it stays on your screen for very long, something is wrong, usually a problem connecting to the game server over the internet. If this happens, the screen should close after a minute or two. If this happen, post on the game forums. There is a link to the forums on the main website at

(c) The updates screen should be automatically replaced by another screen that says, "Account Login" at the top. It should say "connected" in the bottom left to indicate that you are connected to the game server via the internet. Do not click "New Account" yet. First, you must fill in the username (make one up), password (make one up), and e-mail address (Use your e-mail address. This will be used for notifying you of in-game events or for personal messages from the game developers. We will not spam you or give this e-mail address to anyone unless under some kind of extreme duress. After you have filled in the username, password and e-mail address, then click "new account".

(d) A box should appear on your screen that says, "New Account Created". Click "OK" on that box.

(e) You will then be returned to the "Account Login" screen. Now click "Log in". It will not be necessary to retype your username, password and e-mail address since they are already filled in. Your computer will automatically remember these so you shouldn't have to type them in when you login again, but it would be a good idea to write them down just in case of a problem.

7. Create a Character

(a) A screen should appear with the words "Select Character" near the top. Click on "New Character".

(b) The default character type is currently set to "human". You may also select elf, dwarf or gnome. There are other options, but if you create any other kind of character, you will probably not be allowed to enter the game. Other kinds of characters will be allowed for some later sessions, but not for this session.

(c) Click on the box next to the words "Character Name" and then type in a name for your character. Make one up. Your character name should be appropriate for a medieval fantasy setting. Characters with names that the "gods" (admins) deem unsuitable will not be allowed to enter the game or will be booted out of the game after they are in. This is all you have to do, you can skip directly to step six if you wish.

(d) You may click on the "<" and ">" symbols on the screen near each option to change your character's gender, class, hair and clothes. There are not many options to choose from. The available character "classes" are fighter and mage. The mage is the one wearing robes. The fighter is the one wearing a shirt and pants. This game doesn't really use character classes so the only difference between the two is their clothing. If you are an elf, do not choose mage. There is a technical problem with that type character that will prevent you from holding any weapon or item and will cause your software to crash if you try it. Because of that, no elf mage characters will be allowed into the game until the problem is solved. If you want to be an elf mage, choose an elf fighter character and you can still be a mage, you just won't be dressed in robes.

(e) You will see a list of "attributes" on the right hand side. The "<" and ">" symbols on the screen near each option may be clicked on to change your character's attributes. You may add a total of 10 points to various attributes.

(f) Click on "Create" at the bottom right of your screen to create a character with the name and characteristics you have specified.

(g) If you skipped setp 5, a warning will appear that says, "You have unused attribute points - continue?". Click yes to go on or no to go back to step 5.

8. Start Game (Use this same procedure for logging in again later)

(a) You should now be returned to the "Select Character" screen that you have seen before. It may seem obvious to you which character you want to play with, especially if you only have one, but it is not obvious to the computer. So click on the name of your character. It should be near the top right of your screen.

(b) Wait for an image of your character to appear on the screen. After this happens, click "Start Game".

(c) You may see a white progress bar while you have to wait for the game to load. It should not take a long time when you login for the first time, but subsequent logins will take much longer to load and the progress bar may show no progress for several minutes. Be patient.

(d) If your character is acceptable, you may see the starting area flash by the first time you start playing, but you will be immediately teleported into the game at a starting location appropriate for your type of character. A screen will appear telling you your starting situation. If you have already played with this character, you will appear in the same place you were when you logged off or were disconnected.

(e) The icons on the bottom of your screen allow you to do various things. If you do not see a row of icons on the bottom of your screen, adjust your screen display size setting on your computer.

(f) Click on the question mark "?" on the bottom right of your screen to see the help file. The question mark icon is the help icon which allows you to access detailed information on how to move, speak, interact with other characters, etc. If you have read it before, you might still want to read it again, because we add more information to it from time to time.

(g) If you die, your character may lie on the ground dead for a while, but after a few seconds should appear in the underworld. There is usually no way out and this is the end for that character unless you have extremely powerful magic that can resurrect you or unless one of the gods or a powerful wizard or cleric intervenes to bring you back from the land of the dead. You can, however, create a new character and start again. If you wish, your new character may be a relative of your old character or a reincarnation of your old character and you can try to ask the gods or various wizards or clerics to resurrect your old character. You can also explore the underworld and see what's there.

(h) Please post a message on the forum to tell us what happened. There is a link to the forums on the main website at

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Basic Commands

You will only be able to see one small area unless a gamemaster is online to help you.

You can use the W, A, S, D keys to move or you can click the place you want to go with the mouse. Double click to run or move faster. If your character can fly, the page up and page down keys move you up and down. To talk hit enter to bring up a chat box, then type your message and hit enter again. To attack, push the "control" button on the left side of your keyboard. Hit escape twice to logout.

To pick up an item, click on them with the right mouse button when your character is near the item.

If your character walks or runs, but doesn't actually go anywhere, you may have lost your server connection. To fix this, hit escape twice to log out, then log back in.

There are other commands. Click on the question mark icon on the bottom of your screen once you are in the game to access the help feature.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A new version of the software (version 01.57) will be used for the first time today, Saturday, November 15, 2008.

This version is being uploaded to the file server right now, and should be ready for free download at approximately 1:25 pm. Yes, we know that is after the game session is scheduled to start. Sorry. We were still working on the software at the last minute. It is still kind of buggy, but we ran out of time for more changes.

Since it is not ready yet, the download link has been disabled. It will be re-enabled as soon as the software is ready for download. Check back here in a few minutes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Adventure of Sorts

A true story...
By Paradiso, the Elf
(Republished with Permission)

I was strolling through the Worfin countryside one day - ambling about, enjoying the cool breeze and the vast nothingness around me - when all of a sudden, I spotted a figure in the distance.

"A fellow wanderer!" I thought to myself as I rushed toward the figure. How wrong I was. As I approached it, I noticed the strangeness in the figure's gait and the oddly shaped head. Upon nearing it even still, I found - to my horror - that the figure was, indeed, a wanderer, but not one of the sorts that I am accustomed to encountering. A massive Ogre stood before me, lurching in an uneven path toward no place in particular. His beady eyes were red with rage and spittle frothed at his mouth.

I remained a safe distance away from the brute as I notified my fellows of the find. I knew that Radnar, King of Radnaria, was on the lookout for the ogre. He asked me where it was. As I was telling him, it went over a hill and disappeared from sight. I ran after it, afraid I might lose the beast if I let it out of my field of vision.

To my dismay, as I topped the hill I found the beast lurking on the other side, sneering at me. It had laid a trap! The creature sprung on me and began swiping me with its vicious claws. I tried to fight back with my spear, but alas, it was too strong. I began to run.

I ran and ran - across the sweeping hills of Worfin, my heart pounding in utter fear of the dark underworld that awaited me should the beast catch me. It was behind me every step of the way. I didn't know where to go, except back to Worfin village. Maybe the dwarves there could protect me from the wrath of this monster. If they couldn't, I could always retreat to the boat and sail back to Stondar.

Upon reaching the village, I turned around to find the ogre was utterly ignoring the dwarves around me, just as the dwarves were ignoring the ogre. I ran to the boat. The ogre was right behind me. I could hear it gnashing its teeth in reverence of the meal to come. I leapt onto the boat and...

All went black, pitch black. The darkness engulfed me in deafening silence.

Then suddenly, I was in the ocean, under the water. I could see the sunlight refracting through the waves above me and glistening at the surface. I swam up and burst out of the water, gasping for air. Breathing heavily, I peered around me in anticipation. There was nothing to see. Water stretched in every direction for what seemed like an immeasurable distance. I was floating on a plane of infinite water. I hadn't a clue what could be done, so I did the only thing I could. I swam. I swam South.

I swam for what seemed to be eternity. Or was it only a minute? Time was lost in this infinite void of ocean and sky. I prayed, screamed, begged to the gods for salvation, but there was none. It seemed I was to die out here, alone, quietly. I continued South. If I couldn't find land at least I would find the edge of the world. Perhaps I could at least end my life quicker there... but wait! A form, in the distance! Shrouded by mist!

I wipe my eyes - the form seems to appear and reappear at random intervals. Was it even real? I swam toward it, clinging to what little hope I had left. A ship! could it be... the ship Golden Link? It was! What captain, other than the fearless Torvin, would dare these treacherous unending waters? I dashed toward the ship with what little energy I had left. The pain of my wounds from my encounter with the ogre fell into the back of my mind - all I could think of was salvation! And aboard his ship, the great Lord of Sheep Island, Garon himself. They hoisted me up to the deck and I was saved.

Darkness enveloped me again...

The End.

(Editor's Note: The events described in this story did occur in the Magic of the Gods game on November 11, 2008. After the elf escaped from the ogre, the ogre turned on the dwarves of Worfin Village, attacking them. Several dwarves managed to fight the ogre including Jareg and Gworin. Gworin was wounded, but managed to kill the ogre. Ogres have not been seen on Worfin Island since. It is possible this was the last of the Worfin ogres.)